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Roles and Missions

Office of Labour Affairs in Saudi Arabia has the role and mission as following:

1. Thai Labour Protection and Welfare

1.1 Visit and inspect working condition and living environment
1.2 Complain handling and dispute negotiation
1.3 Suggest and advice regarding working in Saudi Arabia and accredited territories and relevant labor laws
1.4 Provide advice and basic knowledge to prospective workers about rules, regulations, welfare, social security, etc. 
1.5 Coordinate with relevant agencies to provide Thai workers an access to benefit and protection

2. Promote and Expand Thai Labour Market

2.1 Provide counselling for employer to recruit Thai workers
2.2 Work contract verification
2.3 Cooperate with government and private body to promote Thai Entrepreneur or company that hired Thai worker

3. Employment Analysis and Report

3.1 Employment situation and information collection and analysis
3.2 Report the current employment situation and information
3.3 Analyse and predict the situation of Thai labour market in respective countries