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Labour Contract Legalization

In order to protect Thai citizens who wish to work in Saudi Arabia and Office of Labour Affairs in Saudi Arabia (OLASA)’s accredited countries in accordance with the Thai Labour Act B.E. 2528 article 48, following is the procedure concerning legalization of Labour Contract :

Required documents:

  1. Cover letter, introducing your company business and requesting OLASA to verify the documents (free format)
  2. Labour Contract (English version) SINGNED by both employer and employee, certified by relevant organization if applicable by local law (Both the employee and the employer are advised to sign or initial their name in each page of the contract)
  3. Company registration or business license, certified by Saudi Chambers (or relevant organization) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs unless verifiable by electronic means 
  4. If sourcing or hiring through private manpower agency, the copy of already certified by OLASA, power of attorney letter and demand letter. (Not applicable for direct hire)
  5. Employee’s passport and citizen ID copy
  6. Work VISA or authorization document for e-visa system
  7. If your establishment hasn’t been visited by OLASA before, the evidence such as photo of the work sites, accommodation, location on Google map MAYBE REQUESTED.
  8. Other support documents if any

Work Flow

  1. Scan and email all documents and evidences above to the OLASA for prescreening
  2. After received the application, the OLASA will take into consideration the contents of the Labour Contract, namely; wage, welfare, holiday and leave, working time, overtime and holiday payment, termination of contract, in compliance with the local Labour Law, the appropriateness of provided accommodation, the working environment, safety, the legitimacy of the establishment etc.
  3. The OLASA will inform the Employee or the Employer once the officer has completed viewing the contract and reply with suggestion if any and will schedule the lodging of original documents for approval stamp (or by courier). Duration for this proceeding is depended on the priority and the officer’s work assignment.
  4. Once original documents are returned, the employer must send the employee copy to the employee which he/she will needs present to labour control officer when leaving Thailand
  5. In case the OLASA suggests the amendment of work contract but the Employer refuses to do so and the Employee agrees to sign that contract, the Employee is obliged to write a formal Note to the OLASA notifying that he/she will take full responsibility for his/her signing and will not claim or request for any assistance from the OLASA demanding for more benefits/interests which are not stated in the signed contract.
  6. The OLASA officer has the authority in rejecting legalization of labour contract if there is any indication of labour exploitation in the contents of that contract.
  7. If the original documents need to be returned by courier, the fee must be paid by employer (courier fee vary)

Sample of documents certified by Saudi Chambers and Ministry of Foreign Affairs