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Hiring Thais Worker

In this page your will find the step and required documents for hiring Thais worker to work abroad in Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Request for approval

     The employer should contact Office of Labour Affairs in Riyadh and prepare following documentation:

  1. Requisition Letter or Demand Letter. This document shall state the type of required workers, the nature of work, number of workers and their qualifications and working conditions. This should be as detailed as possible and must include the number of workers required for each position, plus wages and other benefits must meet Thai designated minimum standards and local laws.
  2. The Power of Attorney authorizes your partner company or the Department of Employment (in case of government placement) to recruit workers and to apply for visas. This should be typed on your letterhead, stating your assignment of power of attorney to your chosen employment agency to handle all affairs in recruiting manpower in Thailand and also to sign the employment contract with the workers on your behalf.
  3. An employment contract, employers can use general contract format or use own contract in which case it must specify in full detail all the employment conditions. Wage and benefits must met the standards and laws e.g.
    – Salaries paid to Thai workers must not less than the minimum wage in the host country or similar regulation.
    – A return air ticket, adequate food and accommodation must be supplied at the employer’s expense.
    – Benefits offered to Thai workers must not less than those available to the host country’s workers of the same category.
    – A one year contract that must guarantee independently of any future contracts that may be negotiated between the employer and the employee. The employee’s right to return to Thailand at the end of the contract period, or to take a vacation in the host country must also be guaranteed in Thailand
  4. Copy of Company’s registration and/or permit to employ foreign workers must be certified by local Chamber of Commerce or relevant institution.

Step 2: Selection of workers (general guideline)

  1. Advertisement
  2. The application screening
  3. The selection i.e. interview, examination
  4. Medical check-up, criminal record, background check
  5. Travel document preparation
  6. Pre-departure training, brief by DoE or recruitment agency or employer

Download (PDF)

Hiring Thai Workers Manual