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List of  registered recruitment company

The office of labour affairs in Riyadh is pleased to share the list of  registered recruitment company in Thailand which the Saudi employer or Saudi recruitment agency may find useful.

You can find the list from LBANK database or download PDF file at the bottom of the page. The list available in Thai and English languages.

– OR –

You can find the shortlist of recruitment company that interested in Saudi Arabia market or contact Thai Overseas Manpower Association to seek help arranging the meeting with suitable local agencies. And you may find the Thais worker’s salary guideline useful for your consideration.

For the procedure and documentation required to hire Thais workers please visit this page.  



Q: What is the latest status of the workers recruitment agreement between the two countries?
A: The agreement is signed however not yet effective. When ratified the announcement will be made via official channels. (18 Apr 2022)

Q: I want to hire 2 chefs -or- 1 hair dresser -or- 5 therapists -or- etc… from Thailand, can you help me?
A: No, THIS OFFICE IS NOT A RECRUITMENT AGENCY, WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PLACEMENT SERVICE. You should contact recruitment agency of your choice.

Q: Are there any limitations or restrictions for hiring Thais workers?
A: None.

Q: Is the work contract need to be inspected and authorized by the office?
A: Yes, all work contracts must be authorized by the office or Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate before the Thais worker can go to work abroad. The contract must be signed by both employer and employee (physically or electronically) and must meet the requirements of both countries labour law before lodging to the office. 

Q: Is there a minimum wage for hiring Thais workers?
A: Yes, Thailand has a minimum wage law currently set at 15,000THB or approximately 500USD. Any contract which provide basic salary/wage under 500USD per month will not be considered by the office.

Q: Could the office provide a recommendation of private recruitment agencies in Thailand?
A: No, the office cannot recommend or short listed the recruitment agencies in Thailand because it is against the law. 

Q: Is there a recruitment fee to be borne by Thais worker if hiring through local recruitment agency?
A: Thai law set the maximum recruitment fee not exceed than 1 month salary. However the employer can negotiate with the local agency to cover this cost for the worker.

Q: Is there a service fee to be paid to local recruitment agency and how much?
A: Yes, and it is depend on many of factors i.e. required trainings, health inspection, documents and formality fee, screening and selection etc.

Q: Could the office or ministry of labour provide placement, recruitment services?
A: As we are the government bodies, we are not to compete with private sector. However in some exceptional cases i.e. hiring greater than 100 workers in single batch, specialized projects, official government contractors that do not wish to source the worker from private agency can consult with us via email. The office will considered the request case by case and may approve for sourcing through Department of Employment. 

The shortlist of recruitment company provided by TOMA

The basic salary guideline provided by TOMA